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How To Get All The Money You Need To Buy Property Free Book When You Attend On How To Get The Money You Need

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Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3


Pre-Registration 8:00a – 8:30a

Workshop 8:30a – 5:00p

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Real Estate Investing in 2013 and beyond

Real Estate in this country can be purchased for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR for investors who know how to find them, how to fund the purchases, and how to sell or lease the properties when purchased. Learn how to be one of those investors TODAY.

Over the next 12 months tens of thousands of people will get their start as real estate investors, on their way to making millions investing in real estate. If you can devote 2-4 hours per week to looking for properties, we can show you how to make it happen at this event.

Learn the 3 basic keys to successfully investing today:

  1. How to buy properties below market, and where to find them?
  2. How to finance the properties, either with your own money or with other’s money
  3. How to flip the properties for quick cash, and how to hold the properties for the long-term wealth building

Overview of the incredible opportunity in today’s real estate market.

Gurus Andy Heller and Alan Cowgill will spend a full weekend teaching you how to invest in real estate. You will learn:

From Alan:

From Andy:

  • What is a private lender?
  • Top 10 benefits of having private lenders.
  • How to use private lending for rehabs, short sales, work for equity, wholesale, and ‘subject to’ residential deals.
  • How to find private lenders for luxury homes, apartment buildings & commercial properties.
  • Banks, credit cards, lines of credit, creative techniques with the seller, and partners, how does private lenders compare?
  • How to buy a house for all cash in 5 days.
  • Where to find private lenders to fund your real estate deals?
  • Holding a seminar to attract private lenders.
  • What 5-steps to take to get a seminar started.
  • Where to have your lender luncheons.
  • When to have your lender luncheon.
  • How to structure deals without monthly mortgage payments.
  • How to target your potential lenders.
  • “Magic Words” to pre-screen potential lenders.
  • What information to send to a potential private lender.
  • What documents do you use to secure the loan?
  • How to buy 5 to 7 houses a month with zero marketing cost
  • Discover the absolute easiest way to find foreclosures in YOUR area
  • Don’t beat the streets. Learn how to visit only 2 or 3 properties for every one you purchase
  • Learn how to be a landlord…without typical landlord headaches
  • Why a MOTIVATED tenant is the key to landlording fortunes
  • Find out how you can sell enough properties to finance your portfolio growth
  • How to sell for top dollar WITHOUT paying real estate commissions
  • Learn how to present your low offer so the seller sees it as “fair and reasonable”
  • How to invest today without a lot of cash or great credit
  • Why today’s COOLING market is a RED HOT opportunity for investors
  • Achieve your REGULAR RICHES: Real estate fortunes for regular people… without the hassles

There will be a $25 Fee

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10 Ways To Buy Low How To Get All The Money You Need To Buy Property
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